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Junior Exhibitors

Sponsor a winner send request to

Prices for sponsoring:
Kitten / Cat / Alter / HHPK / HHP: 25 euro
Best of Breed: 10 euro
Junior Exhibitor: 10 euro

All sponsors shall be paid to:
Bank: NL67 INGB 0675 9457 39

Deadline for sponsorring is 5th of September 2023

Do you have a Regional Winner please send picture of your cat to with the name of the cat, placement and write if it is cat, kitten, alter, HHPK or HHP.

The great Junior Exhibitors from Europe North

Rebecca Møller ChristensenSponsor request
Kram fra Glenn & Malle
Melanie Møller ChristensenSponsor request
Kram fra Glenn & Malle
Weronika OlszewskaSponsor request
Heidi Barby
Cathrin KochSponsor request
Tillykke fra Malene
Sarah Elisabeth ChristiansenSponsor request
Kram fra Faster Malle & Onkel Glenn
Nadia BarbySponsor request
Tillykke fra Zanno
Thea KochSponsor request
Tillykke fra Heidi Barby